Speaking Engagements & Events

Christopher T. Marquet, Chairman & CEO of Marquet International, appears frequently before a variety of groups - both public and private, to speak on a range of topics within his expertise, from due diligence in financial transactions to fraud & employee misconduct issues to terrorism and security to mitigating the risks of workplace violence. He also specializes in ethics in investigations related presentations. To peruse some of the speaking engagements he has headlined, check out our Speaking Engagement Archive. Specifically, Mr. Marquet regularly presents within corporations, law firms & professional associations (often for CLE/CPE credits when applicable) on such topics including, but not limited to, the below and many variations thereof:

  • Asset Recovery in a Down Economy
  • Combating Identity Theft: Practical Considerations for Attorneys and their Clients
  • Combating Intellectual Property Theft: A Primer for Corporate Counsel
  • Conducting Effective Due Diligence In Financial and M&A Transactions
  • Conducting Effective Due Diligence on Key Individuals in Business, Finance and Law
  • Conducting Internal Investigations
  • Corporate Counsel's Guide To Conducting Internal Investigations
  • Employee Integrity: Mitigating the Risks for In-House and Labor Counsel
  • Ethics in Employee Misconduct & Internal Investigations
  • Ethics in Corporate Investigations
  • Finding Hidden Assets in "Judgment Proof" Cases
  • Fraud, Waste & Abuse - Preventing, Identifying & Investigating Employee Misconduct
  • How to Effectively Utilize Private Investigators: Practical and Ethical Considerations
  • Investigating Employee Misconduct
  • Litigation Due Diligence: Vetting Plaintiffs, Defendants, Witnesses & Experts
  • Ponzi Schemers, Embezzlers & Fraudsters, Oh My!
  • Understanding Employee Theft & Identifying the Warning Signs
  • Workplace Violence: Understanding the Risk, Preventive Strategies & Response Planning

If you are interested in having Mr. Marquet speak before your organization or within your firm, please contact us at info@marquetinternational.com or (617) 733-3304 in Boston or (917) 733-1039 in New York.

Speaking Engagement Archive

Below is a partial listing of speaking engagements for Chris Marquet since 2000:


American Society for Industrial Security, 2005 Annual Conference
Corporate Identity Theft: Tactics & Trends From the Front Lines
Sponsored by Vance International
Orlando, Florida

Bay Cities Chapter ACFS, 2005 Conference
Internal Fraud Investigations: Tricks of the Trade
Sponsored by the Association of Certified Fraud Specialists
San Francisco, California


Massachusetts Bar Association, 2004 Annual Conference
Preventing ID Theft for Attorneys and their Clients
Sponsored by the Massachusetts Bar Association
Boston, Massachusetts

New England Fraud Investigators Association, Annual Conference 2004
Fraud, Waste & Abuse in the Workplace: A Comprehensive Program to Mitigate the Risks
Sponsored by Marquet International
Boston, Massachusetts


Association of Independent General Counsel, Boston Chapter, Conference 2003
Effective Due Diligence in the Post 9-11 Era and the Age of Enron
Sponsored by Citigate Global Intelligence
Boston, Massachusetts


Society for Human Resource Management, MetroWest Chapter Conference
Who Are You Hiring? The Importance of Effective Background Checks
Sponsored by Citigate Global Intelligence
Framingham, Massachusetts


University Risk Management and Insurance Association, Annual Conference, 2001
Terrorism, Kidnapping and Global Security Concerns
Sponsored by Citigate Global Intelligence
Ottawa, Canada

Institutional Investor Forums, Fixed Income Fall Roundtable, 2001
Credit Analysis in a Perilous World: Assessing Human Risk Factors
Sponsored by Citigate Global Intelligence
New York City

Risk & Technology Conference, 2001
Technology and Privacy in the Workplace
Sponsored by William Gallagher & Associates
Boston, Massachusetts

Conference on Security in a Changing World: Legal & Practical Issues, 2001
Building Security & Mailroom Protocol
Sponsored by Hill & Barlow
Boston, Massachusetts

Society for Human Resource Management, MetroWest Chapter, Annual Meeting, 2001
Employee Integrity: Raising the Standards in Today's Workplace
Sponsored by Citigate Global Intelligence
Framingham, Massachusetts


Risk & Insurance Management Society, Mass Chapter Annual Conference, 2000
Violence Prevention and Crisis Management in the Workplace
Sponsored by Kroll Associates
Marlborough, Massachusetts